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Smoking supplies

Smoking accessories

Whether you are a smoker or prefer vaporization, we have all the equipment for your needs – a wide range of vaporizers, practical grinders, scales for herbs and concentrates, original papers and filters, reliable lighters.

Grinders: Perfect grinding

When preparing herbs, it is crucial to have a quality grinder available to grind them to the right consistency and release their aroma. For example, an electric shredder, which resembles a hand-held flashlight in its design, is popular among customers. The plastic shredder with shark teeth will please you with its favorable price and quality. Various wooden shredders are very beautiful to look at and pleasant to hold. You might also be interested in a toothless shredder with sharp blades or a dosing shredder. A treat for connoisseurs is the automatic shredder with artificial intelligence, which first analyzes your material and automatically adjusts the milling method based on the result.

Vaporizers: Enjoy healthy

Vaporizers allow users to inhale herbal or concentrated substances without burning. There is a large selection of these devices in our e-shop of different types in different price categories. Here you will find a range of discreet and easy-to-use vape pens. For quick and easy heat extraction, manual vaporizers that do not need a battery or charger are suitable. If you want to vape in different places and you travel a lot, a portable vaporizer is perfect for you. Desktop vaporizers produce the best vapors. The most popular representatives of these devices undoubtedly include the classic Volcano, or its new brother Hybrid. Other top products are a futuristic rotating hookah or a vaporizer with a halogen lamp.

Scales: For accurate dosing

Maximum dosing precision will be made possible by reliable digital scales that weigh with an accuracy of hundredths of a gram.

Papers and filters: The perfect roll-up

We have a truly extensive range of papers of all sizes and types for you, such as natural unrefined Raw papers, a large selection of Tuxedos, including the SMK range, flavored Mantra papers, or quality Prague papers or Clipper. And a no less wide selection of stylish filters.

Lighters: An essential tool

A lighter is an accessory that everyone should carry. In our e-shop you will find iconic pieces from the legendary manufacturer Clipper. Their unique design is constantly changing, making them a valuable collector's item. We also have plastic Clippers, which will please you with a favorable price. A special product is an outdoor lighter with a triple butane nozzle.