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Green kratom

What is green kratom and what are its types, effects and dosage?

It is said that green kratom is the most popular and strongest in terms of users. Because of its balanced alkaloid ratio, it is said to rank between white and red kratom. Interested in more? Then let's take a look at what green kratom is, its types, effects and dosage.


Drug under discussion: what is kratom? Effects, risks, addiction, dosage, legality and personal experience

You may have already come across kratom on the internet, at the curfew, in a vending machine or in stores that sell dietary supplements and alternative medicines. In this article, we will reveal what kratom is, what its effects are, the risks and symptoms of addiction, including withdrawal symptoms, and how to get off the substance if necessary. We will also present information on dosage, what forms kratom can be taken in, how long it stays in the blood and you will also find personal experience of use.