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Lighter: An essential companion for every day

It doesn't matter whether you are a passionate or occasional smoker or a non-smoker. A lighter is a necessary accessory that everyone should carry. It's much more than just a way to light up. It is a reliable helper that makes life easier and can always come in handy.

Solid, long-lasting and beautiful

In our e-shop you will find wonderful iconic pieces from the legendary manufacturer Clipper. They are small technological conveniences, combining practicality, safety and aesthetics in one elegant package. These lighters have a unique design that is constantly changing, making them a valuable collector's item.
Clippers are known for their longevity, which can be achieved, among other things, by replacing the stones and the throttling system.
There are also colorful plastic Clippers on offer, which will please you with a favorable price.
A special product of our online store is a lighter with a triple butane nozzle from Vertigo. It is an outdoor lighter that will not disappoint even in harsh conditions. The wind-resistant flame is able to ignite even at a height of 3,500 meters above sea level.
Of course, there are other accessories, such as refills for lighters, or short or long pieces of paper.

Enjoy your favorite moments. Choose a lighter that brings you comfort, security and style. And don't forget: Having one lighter is good, but it's even better to have a backup.