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We offer over 3,000 hemp products in stock - CBD flowers, but also other CBD, CBN and CBG products such as CBG/CBN/CBD oils and tinctures (drops), CBD gummies and other cannabidiol treats and sweets, as well as CBD patches, CBD capsules, CBD liquids and concentrates, CBD vape pens, etc. We also offer everything for vaping - desktop and portable vaporizers, spare parts and accessories. You can buy proven cannabis cosmetics, cannabis food and supplements, as well as food and treats for dogs and cats

Lab technician examining 1O-OH-HHC distillate in a test tube

HHC is over, here comes 10-OH-HHC!

The hot new thing this summer is the cannabinoid 10-OH-HHC! Whether you're a fan of vaping, gummies, or looking for something new to add to your flower collection, this substance is sure to interest you. How does 10-OH-HHC work? What are the side effects? Does it have anything in common with the better known HHC? Read on to find out!

Facts or myths symbol. The concept of the word Facts or Myths on wooden blocks on a pink background

Cannabis will make you lazy: Myth or reality?

The claim that cannabis causes laziness is one of the more obscure claims that has been bandied about for years. In the media, but also in culture, marijuana smokers are often presented as unproductive people who somehow don't care about anything. But is this really true? Let's take a look at where this information came from and what studies say about the effects of cannabis on motivation and productivity.

The tropical shrub Mitragyna speciosa, from which kratom comes

What is red kratom and what are its types, effects and dosage?

Red kratom seems to be one of the most widely used species on the market. It is also said to be the strongest due to its sedative properties. In terms of its effects, it can be said to be the opposite of green kratom. Wondering what is red kratom and what are its types, effects and dosage? Let's get to it.

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