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We offer over 3,000 hemp products in stock - CBD flowers, but also other CBD, CBN and CBG products such as CBG/CBN/CBD oils and tinctures (drops), CBD gummies and other cannabidiol treats and sweets, as well as CBD patches, CBD capsules, CBD liquids and concentrates, CBD vape pens, etc. We also offer everything for vaping - desktop and portable vaporizers, spare parts and accessories. You can buy proven cannabis cosmetics, cannabis food and supplements, as well as food and treats for dogs and cats

Medical CBD oil on black modern background with hemp leaves. Medical marijuana tincture concept.

Everything you need to know about CBDP

So our hemp family has grown again! Well, isn't that great news? Dive into the new discoveries with us and discover what CBDP is, where it came from, its effects and possible therapeutic potential. Is CBDP synthetic and does it have stronger effects than CBD? We'll tell you in the article.

The tropical shrub Mitragyna speciosa, from which kratom comes

What is red kratom and what are its types, effects and dosage?

Red kratom seems to be one of the most widely used species on the market. It is also said to be the strongest due to its sedative properties. In terms of its effects, it can be said to be the opposite of green kratom. Wondering what is red kratom and what are its types, effects and dosage? Let's get to it.

Chemical tube with laboratory HHCH oil and cannabis leaf icon

Do you know what HHCH is and what its origin is?

The cannabis market has recently experienced a "boom" as "new and new" cannabinoids are emerging. However, most of these are not the breakthroughs of this century, as one might think. We won't bore you any longer, if you want to find out what HHCH is, its origins, effects, risks, legality and what products are available, start reading.

A scientist examines a cannabis plant where THCB was discovered

THCB: Newcomer or already known cannabinoid?

Recently, the cannabinoids CB9, THCJD and THCH have been the talk of the cannabis market, and today we'll add THCB to the bunch. Wondering what THCB is and where it came from? We'll answer what its chemical structure is, what's behind its production, what effects it has, and what THCB products are popping up on the market.

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